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Incoming Students/Estudiantes Entrantes

       Deadlines: Full term and Fall semester until June 1, Spring semester until  December 1.

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       Bachelor Degrees:  

                                               GIA Academic Information 2022-2023 here

                                               GyOTA Academic Information 2022-2023 here

       Master Degrees:  

                                              MUIA  Academic Information 2022-2023 here

                                               MUSTA  Academic Infirmation 2022-2023 here

Additional information about some master courses, learning guides (in English): 143003011, 143003012, 143003021,143003022, 143003023, 143003033, 143003037 and 143003045

Courses given in English at ETSIAE-UPM 2022-2023:  All ETSIAE courses are taught in Spanish

Incoming students should have a level B1 in Spanish proficiency. Students should prove their language proficiency with an official certificate (i.e. DELE), the results of the online assessment offered by the Online Linguistic Support (OLS) or alternative qualifications (i.e. certificate issued by the home University, language centers, etc.).  Note that UPM offers intensive and general Spanish language courses (Spanish Language courses).