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Incoming Students

Now is the time! You are already a student at the School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering. We want you to be integrated in the centre and, for that reason, we offer you a Back-up and Guidance Programme for bridging the gap between high school and University studies. Take advantage of it and start enjoying this new student stage. You already are a member of the University.

Students' Admitted to Undergraduate's Degree to ETSIAE for 2018/2019 academic year

Undergraduate's Degree in Aerospace Engineering

There were 2,169 students, once concluded the Spanish University Entrance Exams (EvAU as per its acronym in Spanish), who applied to undertake the Undergraduate's Degree in Aerospace Engineering at UPM. 823 have chosen it as their preferred option, having selected it in the first place. Finally, 591 students with a mark equal to or higher than 11.678 points have been admitted to this degree. This has been the eighth consecutive year in which the cut-off mark is above 11.000 points. Within the UPM offer, comprising more than 60 undergraduate's degrees, GIA has the sixth highest minimum mark. It is worth stressing there are students with outstanding marks who choose to study this degree. First 126 students admitted have a mark equal to or higher than 13.000 points and 267 exceed 12.500 points.

Undergraduate's Degree in Management and Operations of Air Trasnport

This new official Undergraduate’s Degree in Management and Operations of Air Transport begins its official track with a cut-off mark of 9.600 points and has been chosen by a total of 249 students (85 as their first option). The number of students admitted, in other words, those with a mark equal to or higher than 9.600 points, is 52. Once again, the demand clearly exceeds the offer, because both professionals involved in air transport management and operations as well as those working in aerospace engineering are highly required by the industry and have high employment rates.

Before starting

  • > E-mail

    Your first step as a UPM student is to have a University e-mail address. This e-mail address and password will also be used to access most of the University's ICT services.

    Before enrolling you should obtain your e-mail address through a web form. This user account will allow you to access the e-mail service and other University and School services. For technical reasons it is recommended to select an account with less than 20 characters in front of the @ (including points).

    Once you have finished the web form, you will obtain your access data (e-mail address and password). The e-mail address will be made up of your name and surnames separated by points, or their abbreviations, followed by @; for example:

    How to access: Using an e-mail programme or through the web gateway (webmail)

    Identification: e-mail address + password

    The UPM e-mail account is the one you should use for communications with University staff and teachers. It is used for several notifications, additional information from teachers, etc. Check it regularly.

  • > Moodle UPM: Plataforma de Tele-education

    How to access:

    Identification: e-mail address + password

    Teaching at the University is performed through a web portal to support teaching: Moodle, open-source  learning platform.

    From Moodle UPM you can get academic material throughout the semester, receive information related to  each subject management and activities planned, get in touch with your teacher, etc. 

    It is important that, from the first day you attend classes at the University, you access Moodle UPM platform  to exchange information. 

  • > Politécnica virtual

    Identification: e-mail address + password

    Politécnica Virtual is the web environment from which you can access multiple resources and services in a customised manner. You can carry out academic and administrative procedures, access your marks and your academic report, and many other procedures.

    Additional information about Politécnica Virtual here

    Frequently asked questions about Politécnica Virtual here

  • > WiFi Network

    How to access: with WIFI technology devices from any UPM centre.

    Identification: e-mail address + password

    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid offers a Wireless Institutional Network (WiFi) service throughout its Centres. Through the UPM WiFi network you can access the Internet through any device supporting WiFi, when you are within the coverage area.

    Besides, UPM is integrated into eduroam initiative, which will allow you to access the Internet also when you visit other institutions involved. Located in more than 70 countries, a great number of educational and research institutions are attached to eduroam.

    To get connected to the WiFi network you should properly set up each device. Once completed, you will be asked to identify yourself (with the UPM e-mail and password), and then you will be able to access the Internet.

  • > Free access computers

    The School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering has a free access computer room available to students. It is located on Building E, Second Floor and it is known as the Data Centre. 

    These computers can be used to support their study during the facilities opening hours (9:00-20:00). They are connected to the Internet and have useful software for the training process. Students also have available printing and scanning documents.

    It is required to have a user account to use computers located in the Data Centre and in other Computer Rooms. Therefore, students should previously fill in a form that can be accessed through the following button:

    Then, students can use free access computers by introducing their e-mail user (email address without adding @ and password.

    For technical reasons, if the user of your email has more than 20 characters, IT services should be informed prior using computers.

    Once the account has been created, it will be operational while enrolled in this School.

  • > Doubts and Computer related problems

    If you have any question or computer-related problem, please send an e-mail to IT Service staff and scholarship assistants can be consulted in:

    • Data Centre (Building E, second floor)
    • Computer Services Office (Building E, Semi-Basement)